Whenever we want to save our personal photos, videos and important files, we need a trusted and secured place to save them that no one can watch or access them. pCloud is a cloud storage which is secured and simple to use. 

pCloud offers 10GB free storage to the users which involves an engagement to unlock it. One can unlock 10GB easily by doing the following.

2GB for signing up
1GB for verifying the email account
1GB for uploading a file
1GB for downloading pCloud drive
1GB for installing pCloud in our phone
1GB for turning ON automatic upload
We can get the remaining storage by inviting our friends and family members. Each successful invitation brings us 1GB storage.

pCloud is very simple to use in which we can create folders and sub folders to upload files. It will make us to find our files easily and share with our friends and family. 

We can easily share files and folders with a password protection and an expiry date. This made pCloud a secure and simple cloud storage service to use to store our photos, videos, documents, music and work files. 

To extend our storage, we can get monthly, annual and life time plans with comparably less pricing than other cloud sources. 

As we all have those sensitive, personal and work files that can't be shared with anyone, we have military grade encryption in pCloud that provides digital privacy for our files, even pCloud's administrators can't access our fiiles. 

pCloud has the software that no one in the world could hack till now.

Back to school offer is one of the best features that pCloud offers to its users. In this, we can get 80% off while purchasing the family plan 2 TB storage and 10TB storage.

pCloud is one of the simple and very secured cloud storage to store our files. Sign up, install and start using it.

Thank You.