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Here is the excellent mix of all BGMs from George Reddy Movie originally composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar. Background score played an eminent role in elevating every scene in George Reddy movie.
In this video you can witness the perfect mix of George Reddy Love BGM, George Reddy introduction BGM, George Reddy Fight BGM etc. Watch and Download through the Download Link given below and enjoy with full sounds.

About Movie :

George Reddy is a 2019 Indian telugu movie starring Sandeep Madhav and Muskaan Kubchandani directed by Jeevan Reddy and produced by Appi Reddy. George Reddy songs are composed by Suresh Bobbili and Score is composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar.

George Reddy movie is a bio pic of George Reddy who was a student leader in Osmania University. George Reddy movie was a success and well received by youth. George Reddy movie received positive response from the first day of release itself.

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Check out more details about George Reddy

About our Work :

We Extracted the movie audio from a High quality movie print ( 9.3 GB ) and mixed the BGMs in Love scenes, Titles, Fight Scenes with perfect sync. If you watch the video, you can clearly observe that.
If you love our mixing work, Please go through Download Link given below and Download Full BGM Mix in HD Quality and Enjoy.

 George Reddy BGMs Mix 

Watch the excellent mix of all BGMs from George Reddy movie originally composed by Harsha Vardhan Rameswar.

About BGM Composer :

George Reddy Background Score is composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar. He did fantastic job in composing background score to elevate every scene in George Reddy movie.

Harshavardhan Rameshwar is an Indian Music director who works mainly in Telugu films.
He made his debut with Arjun Reddy composing background score, which received an excellent response from audience. He also worked for an Hindi film Tadap and a Tamil film Kannum Kannum Kollayadithaal
His work in Kannum Kannum Kollayadithaal is just awesome and still trending in Youtube videos.

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Download Link :

Here we are providing free download link to download George Reddy BGM Mix.
Click here to download Full Version ( 3 Min 15 Seconds ) of George Reddy BGMs Mix in HD Quality.

  George Reddy Mass BGM free download

Watch and Enjoy George Reddy official Trailer here.                                                                        

About Actor :

Sandeep Madhav played George Reddy's role in George Reddy movie.
Sandeep Madhav is an Indian Telugu actor who made his debut with Railway Station and made his lead acting debut with Ram Gopal Varma's Vangaveeti. In this movie he played dual role and got nice reviews from critics.
For George Reddy movie he lost his weight and exercised to suit the character of a Student leader who is also a boxer.

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 Bullet Song Ringtone Mix 

We Mixed only Music in the Bullet song from George Reddy with perfect sync and made it as a perfect Ringtone for Mobile Phones.
Watch Bullet song ringtone mix from George Reddy originally composed by Suresh Bobbili.

About SONG Composer :

George Reddy songs are composed by Suresh Bobbili.
Suresh Bobbili is an Indian Music director who works for Telugu films. Suresh Bobbili primarily worked with V6 Telugu News Channel for giving albums for various occasions. He well known for his compositions like Pacha Pachani Palle Song and Bathukamma song.
He worked as music director for several telugu films including Thippara Meesam, Maa Abbay, Needi Naadi Oke Katha and Tholu Bommalata etc.

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Download Link :

Here we are providing free download link to download Bullet Song Ringtone Mix.
Due to copyright problems, we can't upload full BGM content from a song. That's why we give Download Links for full ringtone versions in our website. Hope you understand and Download our BGM works in our website.

Download George Reddy Bullet Song BGM Ringtone Mix here.

   George Reddy Bullet Song Ringtone free download

We mixed and made above ringtone mix using the Bullet Song from George Reddy Movie.
Watch the Bullet Song Official Lyrical video here.                                                                            


About Actress :

Muskaan Kubchandani played female lead in George Reddy movie.
Muskaan is a model and appeared in several advertisements. She made her film debut with George Reddy itself. She acted dual role as Maya and Muskaan in George Reddy movie and received good reviews for her performance.
She is a trained kathak dancer too.

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Watch and Enjoy Vijayam video song from George Reddy movie here.

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